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With a Dog and a Cat, Every Day Is Fun 7

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Author: Hidekichi Matsumoto

Are you a dog person? Or maybe a cat person? Or maybe both
Based on author Hidekichi Matsumoto's real life experience, she shows us what it's like to live with both a dog and a cat!

With a Dog and a Cat, Every Day is Fun is a story that will feel very familiar to animal lovers but especially to pet lovers. Matsumoto makes no bones of the fact that her animals are rarely perfect angels and that sometimes the stereotypes about cats and dogs are true. - The OASG

Inu-kun and Neko-sama have been with Hidekichi since they were babies. They're both twelve now, and while they're no longer as energetic, they're still as cute as ever (if not even more). Nothing can stop Inu-kun from having fun, and Neko-sama's pride is always remarkable. What's more, they never fail to bring their owner heaps of joy every day.

They're getting old, but some things never change!

Publisher: Vertical Comics
Published: 08/16/2022
Pages: 136
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.40lbs
Size: 7.90h x 5.50w x 0.50d
ISBN: 9781647291013

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