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The Self Care Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

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Author: Cassandra Mack

Did you know that coloring is a great way to relax. de-stress and unlock more of your creativity?
Oftentimes, once we become adults, we forget the fun & simple things that we used to do as children ...coloring was one of them. Did you ever color as a child? Do you remember how relaxing it was? Coloring is simple, therapeutic, everyone can do it and it's an inexpensive way to unwind and engage your creative side. This is why I created THE SELF CARE COLORING BOOK FOR GROWN-UPS, a coloring book for adults to creatively unwind.

THE SELF CARE COLORING BOOK FOR GROWN UPS is a relaxing coloring book for adults that contains positive affirmations, positive quotes and Bible scriptures to color that will help you renew your mind, cast your cares for awhile, bring you comfort & calm and anchor you in the power of soothing scriptures. (You can even cut out & frame your colored pages, Then hang them as wall art)

THE SELF CARE COLORING BOOK FOR GROWN UPS offers self-affirming coloring pages that you can color at your leisure on those days when you want to have some simple fun or you need to take a moment for yourself to creatively unwind. In addition to being a fun activity for relaxation, coloring cultivates mindfulness and generates our creative thought process which inspires ingenuity and resourcefulness. This helps to keep the mind sharp and imaginative. Plus, coloring provides you with an opportunity to unplug from television and technology which promotes creation over consumption. And most of all, coloring is a form of mental and emotional self-care.

Tapping into your creative side can dramatically improve your wellbeing and make you feel at peace when your mind is ruminating with negative or anxious thoughts and your emotions are throwing you off balance. So grab some crayons or colored pencils and color the pages in your own unique way, as you reflect on the affirming words on each page. There are also Bible verses sprinkled throughout these pages so you can refresh your spirit on the days when you need a spiritual lift. You can also write quotes, notes-to-self or add your own affirmations in the white spaces of these coloring pages.

You can also gather with friends and family and host your own Color & Sip Party using this coloring book. Have your guests pick up this coloring book and make it a fun time for all.

There is something uniquely healing about intentionally choosing to put yourself in a better frame of mind by: cultivating mindfulness, connecting with your imagination, revisiting some of the simple things you did for fun as a child, getting lost in the moment as you choose different colors for your artistic endeavor as well as affirming yourself through scripture and positive affirmations.

I pray that as you color, doodle, reflect on the scriptures and relax your mind, that you experience moments of peace, joy, mindfulness & inspiration.

I'd love to hear your stories of how your creative time with The Self-Care Coloring Book For Grown Ups has helped you create your own calm and tap into your creative side.

Use this coloring book to remind yourself that you have the power to handle every not-so-sunny day with resourcefulness and inner strength. Get a copy of THE SELF-CARE COLORING BOOK FOR GROWN-UPS for yourself and then pick up another one to gift to a co-worker, family member or friend.

And remember ...a bad day may knock you off your game for a moment, but bad days do not have the power to steal your life or stop you from engaging in activities that facilitate joy, peace of mind, mental self-care and wellbeing! Happy coloring.

Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 02/17/2021
Pages: 62
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.37lbs
Size: 11.00h x 8.50w x 0.13d
ISBN: 9798710518397

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