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The Human Sales Factor: The Human-To-Human Equation for Connecting, Persuading, and Closing the Deal

The Human Sales Factor: The Human-To-Human Equation for Connecting, Persuading, and Closing the Deal

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Author: Lance Tyson

There's a science to getting others to buy from you--a secret only the best salespeople, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in the world know: selling, at its core, isn't really about moving a product or service. It's about moving people. Having spent nearly three decades meticulously examining the skillsets required for connecting with others--through the training and coaching of thousands of sales leaders and their teams for some of the biggest brands in the world--bestselling author Lance Tyson has mastered the powers of persuasion and influence, while decoding the intricacies of why people buy from others.Whether you're a seasoned professional or an entrepreneur trying to pitch the next great idea--or maybe you just want to get better at getting what you want--The Human Sales Factor: The Human-to-Human Equation for Connecting, Persuading, and Closing the Deal is for you. This book is a peek under the hood of Lance's proven, predictable, scalable process. It's designed for sales leaders and their teams, yet is still approachable and applicable for the person who just wants to open doors and increase the chances of getting anything they want or need. Connecting and persuading are no longer soft skills. They are fundamental skills that can help you attract investors, sell products, build brands, inspire teams, and trigger movements.Despite all the processes, lingo, methodologies, and corporate rhetoric, sales--no matter the industry--has never truly been B2B or B2C. It always has and always will be done Human-to-Human.

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Published: 02/08/2022
Pages: 136
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.40lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.32d
ISBN: 9781631957055

About the Author
Tyson, Lance: - Over the past two decades, Lance Tyson has followed his passion for developing strong business leaders and their salespeople by tapping into his natural ability to connect with people and foster an environment for learning and coaching. As owner, President, and CEO of Tyson Group, Lance facilitates, trains, and conducts over one hundred workshops annually in areas such as performance management, leadership, sales, sales management, customer service, and team building. In 2002, Lance took over several Dale Carnegie Training operations in the Midwest. He started with Cleveland, then rolled up to Columbus, and eventually took over the Cincinnati and Indianapolis marketplaces. Under Lance's leadership, these marketplaces experienced 230% growth to become the largest Dale Carnegie Training operation. In 2010, Lance sold his interest in Dale Carnegie and formed PRSPX in Dublin, Ohio, to help clients build an effective sales ecosystem. PRSPX has been restructured as Tyson Group in order to provide services to assess sales teams, diagnose their needs, and equip them to be better salespeople and leaders. Lance now focuses on the mission of Tyson Group: to coach, train, and consult with sales leaders and their teams to compete in a complex world. Lance currently lives in Dublin, Ohio, with his wife and three kids.

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