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Jannah: The Ancient Scripture

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Author: Jannah Incorporated

A new truth has come to light in the present-day universe. Heaven is not just a concept in our minds. It's an actual physical planet in space. A once-glorious planet named Jannah.

Billions of years ago, an ancient war destroyed the afterlife, consuming it in decrepit darkness. Most of us believe that when our loved ones pass, they go on to the paradise where they belong. But the reality is, their passed souls actually get lost in Purgatory.

Purgatory is a wretched realm between life and death where lost souls wander without a home. It is a terrifying place where life is hated, but death is still ultimately feared.

After eons have passed, the power of Jannah has begun to reemerge on Earth. Two orphan brothers, Jordan and Caden, are granted this power. They must use it to fend off an alien force hiding amongst humans. The aliens' sole purpose is to forever oppress the lost souls of space in Purgatory and prevent the revival of heaven.

Jordan and Caden must travel to Jannah to dispel the darkness and reopen the gates of heaven. Only then could the lost souls finally enter the paradise where they belong.

What begins as a discovery of heroism slowly descends into a grueling war conceived to rebuild a new era of humanity. Where heaven transcends from belief to absolute truth.

The Ancient Scripture of Jannah is just the beginning. It contains important lore of how the universe was born, how heaven was created, and how it was destroyed.

The Scripture focuses on the impact Jannah has on our society and what we must do as a species to restore our faith in a higher power. It is up to us to help the brothers revive the afterlife for humanity.

Publisher: Jannah Incorporated
Published: 09/22/2022
Pages: 350
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.34lbs
Size: 10.00h x 7.00w x 0.73d
ISBN: 9798985984002
Audience: Young Adult

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