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It's My Way or the Highway: Turning Bossy Into Flexible and Assertivevolume 1

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Author: Julia Cook

Cora June is B-O-S-S-Y!

And her bossiness is getting in the way of her success.

She points out her teacher's boring assignments.
She dictates the games people play at recess.
She even objects to family dinners.

If Cora June doesn't get her way, she can make life miserable for those around her. Will anyone put the brakes on her outlandish demands? And will Cora June ever realize that she can be a leader, but still be flexible?
With help, Cora June learns that there is a difference between being assertive and being bossy. See what additional lessons are learned in this eye-opening tale about the benefits of not always getting your way. This is the first title in an exciting storybook series, The Leader I'll Be! book series which includes:

  • It's My Way or the Highway
- Cora June learns to be assertive and flexible without being bossy.
    • The I in Integrity
    - Can Cora June do the right thing...even when no one is looking?
    • Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
    - In a world consumed by instant gratification, can Cora June stay calm and patient?
    • The Great Compromise
    - Cora June sees that future leaders must learn to compromise and show they are willing to listen to others.

  • Publisher: Boys Town Press
    Published: 02/20/2019
    Pages: 31
    Binding Type: Paperback
    Weight: 0.25lbs
    Size: 8.80h x 8.80w x 0.30d
    ISBN: 9781944882372
    Audience: Ages 4-8

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