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In Another World with My Smartphone: Volume 23

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Author: Patora Fuyuhara

Once the Timequake Starts, It Doesn't Stop!

Just as soon as Touya thinks he's adjusted to being a dad, he's bombarded with even more children. What kind of trouble will these time-traveling tykes get into next? And while our hapless hero is distracted with paternal precautions, could something sinister be slinking around in the shadows?

See what's next in this story of swords, sorcery, and parental peril!

Publisher: J-Novel Club
Published: 08/16/2022
Pages: 250
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.45lbs
Size: 7.10h x 5.10w x 0.50d
ISBN: 9781718350229

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