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Creative Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence

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Author: Creative Interventions

The primary resource on community accountability and transformative justice.
The Creative Interventions Toolkit is a practical guide to community-based interventions against interpersonal violence, a process also known as community accountability or transformative justice. Originally an online resource, it is written for everyday people--survivors, people who caused harm, and friends/family who want to help without turning to the police or government. This toolkit provides basic information about interpersonal violence; advice for survivors of violence and people who have caused harm; guides for people who want to help; a framework to confront and transform violence; and stories from people who have used community-based interventions.

Publisher: AK Press
Published: 12/05/2021
Pages: 576
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 3.55lbs
Size: 11.00h x 8.50w x 1.50d
ISBN: 9781849354646

About the Author
Interventions, Creative: - "

Creative Interventions is a resource center to create and promote community-based interventions to interpersonal violence (sexual, domestic, and family violence/child abuse). Also known as community accountability or transformative justice, this approach centers survivors of violence and mobilizes those closest to violence including friends and family and, in some cases, the person or people who caused harm to create solutions to violence. By relying upon community connection and care rather than policing and punishment, violence can be confronted, stopped, and transformed where it starts - in our homes, our streets, and our neighborhoods.