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As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds

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Winner of the Kirkus Prize, NAACP Image Award, and Schneider Family Book Award

Scooping poop at his grandparents' house - that sure as heck wasn't the way eleven-year-old Genie expected to be spending his summer. But when his parents send him and his big brother, Ernie, to Virginia to experience the great (not!) outdoors, they're in for some big surprises.

First, there are chores galore (picking peas, really?). Second, Grandpop just might be completely off his rocker. The man has a big ol' secret - and once Genie learns what it is, all of Grandpop's oddities start to make sense. Like why he locks himself up in a room that's filled with birds. And why he never - not ever, no sir, no how, no way - steps foot outside. On top of that, Grandpop has a crazy idea for how to celebrate Ernie's fourteenth birthday. Actually, to Genie it isn't so crazy, but Ernie thinks it's completely wack. Genie wonders if that's because Ernie isn't brave enough.

But is being brave doing something? Or knowing when not to?

Paperback, Trade

Condition: Like New (remainder mark on bottom edge)

Publisher: Atheneum, 2017. First edition.

ISBN 13: 9781481415910

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